1 ) What’s with your scary Chrome store data warning?
There are some things about being beholden to the Chrome store that we don’t LOVE. One of those things is the language of the Chrome store’s data warning, which can’t be edited to properly reflect the data that we collect and what we do with it.
Chrome Store Privacy Warning

Here’s some information on what we can technically do, what we actually do, why we do it, and what we will never do when it comes to your data.

What we can do:
In order to show you Finch Scores and associated product details, we have to know what products you’re looking at and be able to overlay data and images. Reading your data = our software identifies the specific product and changing your data = showing the Finch Score and other graphics on the page you’re looking at.

What we actually do:
Collect aggregated and anonymized data about users’ Amazon browsing behavior. In practice, this looks like: “User xyzabc in zip code 12345 clicked on this Amazon ASIN before purchasing that Amazon ASIN”.

Why we do it:
We’re here because we want to help consumers purchase products that are better for the planet and its inhabitants. We think a great way to do this is via browser extensions.

What we will never do:
We will never collect and sell your personalized data. We will never collect data on websites on which our browser extension isn’t surfacing sustainability scores. Though we ask for permissions for all websites, our extension only works on Amazon so we only use those permissions there.

Can’t you change the data warning to be retailer specific?
Well, we could but it would be annoying for you and hard for us. Everytime we add another retailer OR a retailer our extension works on changes their url, we could update the privacy policy. Then every user would have to opt in again. Also, we need some super magic skills to know every iteration of a retailers’ url. For example, Amazon’s URLs include but are not limited to: amazon.com, smile.amazon.com, and 19 others. And that’s just Amazon!

We want to expand the number of retailers our extension works for AND ensure that every iteration of each provides a seamless experience, so we’ve asked you to give us broad permissions. We wish there was a simpler and more elegant way, but Google...

2 ) When will the browser extension be available?
Our browser extension is officially available. Download it here today! .
3) How does Finch rate products?
We use data from over 250 sources to inform our scores. We look at the full life cycle of every product we rate, as well as the relative impact of six environmental footprints and real reviews. Learn more in the How We Score section .
4) What products have you rated?
So far we’ve rated 80+ product categories. Download our extension for a full list of the product categories we’ve tackled so far. We’re working behind-the-scenes to score even more products and categories – if there is a specific product you’re interested in, please shoot us a note at hey@choosefinch.com .
5) Is it free?
Yes. Download our extension for free here .
6) Why the name Finch?
Finches are one of the most adaptable, resilient creatures on the planet. Gregarious and bright, their simple song unites flocks of hundreds, called charms (how charming!). They are a symbol of joy, energy, and brighter times ahead. They love the wild, but also flourish in urban areas, and of course, eat local. This prolific little bird famously studied by Darwin has shown us how we can make small changes to adapt and thrive in an unpredictable world. We also can’t say ‘finch’ without thinking of Atticus Finch, a fictional character synonymous with integrity, accountability, and a better life for all.
7) Do you take commission for reviews?
Nope! To maintain our unbiased scoring system, we do not accept payment from companies for reviews or product placement.
8) How does Finch make money?
Our first priority is to maintain the integrity of our data and insights. Companies neither pay us to be included in our tools, nor to get better scores. We always do the digging and testing first, but sometimes brands like what they see and offer us an affiliate fee to link out to their page in our Wise Guides. Our main source of revenue will come from working with companies to provide scores for the products listed on their sites, as well as selling aggregated, anonymized data about consumer purchasing patterns. We will never share individuals’ information, purchasing history, or browsing habits.
9) Do you sell my data?
Read our full privacy policy here.

Need help?
Reach out to us at hey@choosefinch.com